Welcome to ATELIER COCO!

We produce handmade brooches, earrings and necklaces etc. Every item has its own distinction to make the wearer feel special. Our unique accessories are mostly made from a variety of paints, quality acrylic plates and resin, which, when mixed with other materials such as Japanese paper, Origami, wood, yarn and fur, create special art items. Due to the limited number of materials and blended paints, all products are not available for continued sale.
An encounter with a destined item is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, so please cherish each encounter...♡


We would like to inform you that the sales period for new items has changed. The sales period for new items(Brooches & Necklace) will be limited to about one month (until the end of the month), and new products will be sold every month. Earrings may continue to be sold without a sales period. However, since there are limited materials and paints required for production, items may sell out even during the sales period, so please be aware of this. .

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  • Made in Japan

    All our products are made in Japan.

    The delicate design and production are what we proud of.

  • Original design

    All our products are designed by our in-house artist Coco.

  • Main policy

    We put our hearts into everything from design/production to shipping for all our customers.