About products

All products that produce from 2024 will be "Made to Order", so it will take approximately 1 to 2 weeks for production. If you order some made-to-order items at the same time, additional time may be required. Additionally, In case you order ”Made-to-Order" and "Ready-Made" items at the same time, they will be shipped together as the "Made-to-Order" items are ready.

"Monthly Release"
In the "Monthly Release", we will introduce new products every month. The sales period for "Monthly Release" will be until the end of the month. Earrings may continue to be sold without a sales period. Also, since the materials and paints required for production are limited, they may sell out even during the sales period, so be sure to get the items you are interested in before they sell out.


Additional charges for changes

 ・Color change fee - JP¥5,000
 ・Design change fee - JP¥10,000